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Taking Jinyao Pacific Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. as the leader, we will cooperate with Zhongxin Pharmaceutical Plant to create a “variety + network + channel” model, apply international advanced warehousing management system and modern information technology to create an efficient drug circulation platform, and realize the “seamless connection” between the logistics industry and drug manufacturers, suppliers, downstream customers and related units.

Jinyao Pacific Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Jinyao Pacific Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (“Company”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tianjin Pharmaceutical Holdings Co., Ltd. (“Tianjin Pharma”), is the leading enterprise in the pharmaceutical commercial logistics sector within Tianjin Pharma.

In 2009, the Company was rated as a national and municipal enterprise with AAA business credit in the national pharmaceutical business credit rating organized by the Ministry of Commerce. It is designated by Tianjin Municipal People’s Government as the strategic and emergency reserve base of medicines, and it is also the pioneer of SPD cooperation in hospitals and extended management mode of drug logistics in China. The Company has a wide range of business scope, mainly including traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces, Chinese patent medicine, chemical APIs and their preparations, antibiotics, biochemical drugs, biological products (including in vitro diagnostic reagents), narcotic drugs, Class I psychotropic drugs, Class II psychotropic drug preparations, toxic drugs for medical use, protein anabolic preparations, peptide hormones, pharmaceutical precursor chemicals, and medical devices.

The Company’s sales network has covered all administrative districts of Tianjin, including different levels of medical units, private medical care, OTC market and e-commerce. The Company’s business premises and warehouses comply with the requirements of GSP, The Company has passed the assessment and audit of SGS and other professional companies for many times, and has won the “First Prize of National Excellent Quality Management QC Group Achievement Publication in Pharmaceutical Industry” for many consecutive years. The “Refrigerated Transportation Temperature Monitoring and Recording System” and the “Medicine Warming Box and Its Monitoring System” developed by the Company have been respectively awarded the national software copyright patent and the national utility model patent.