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Value level

Core concept of corporate culture:Including mission, vision, core values and corporate spirit

  • Enterprise Mission

    We Care.We Cure!

  • Enterprise Vision

    To Become A Market-driven And Technology-empowered Healthth Industry Leader!

  • Core values

    Love With Honor And Power!

  • Corporate spirit

    Break New Ground On Tradition.
    Unite For The Greater Good!

Management level

Sub-concept of corporate culture:
Including customer culture, professional culture, innovation culture, performance culture, talent culture, compliance culture and party building culture

Customer culture of market orientation;
Professional culture of pursuit for excellence;
Innovation culture of seeking novelty and being true;
Performance culture of value contribution;
Talent culture of being open and inclusive;
Compliance culture of following rules;
Party building culture of uniting as one.

Behavioral level

Code of conduct for employees

1. There will be no future if you don’t make progress, and there will be a future if you struggle hard.
2. Don’t go through the motions, but be steadfast in your work.
3. Don’t jeopardize the company’s interests for your own, and insist that the interests of Tianjin Pharma are higher than personal interests.
4. Win the trust of customers with sincerity and actual deeds.
5. We should strive for perfection before we can develop, and be sure not to regard almost as the standard.
6. Don’t stick to the status quo and difficulties, and be good at turning the impossible into the possible.
7. Don’t do invalid actions, and be proud of creating value.
8. Don’t elbow out colleagues according to seniority, but rely on ability and performance for development and progress.
9. Don’t make excuses for violations, and strictly observe the bottom line of compliance.
10. Don’t forget your initial mission, and know the history of the Party, feel the kindness of the Party and practice the spirit of party building.