Overview of R&D

Adhering to the innovativeculture of seeking novelty and truth, and sticking to technologicalempowerment, Tianjin Pharmaceutical Holdings Co., Ltd. is committed to becominga leader in the health industry. At present, it has initially built ascientific and technological innovation system with 2 academician workstations,2 nationwide enterprise technology centers, 6 municipal-level enterprise keylaboratories and 8 municipal-level enterprise technology centers as the mainbody. 

It has established fourR&D centers covering the fields of innovative drugs, chemical genericdrugs, traditional Chinese medicine onehealth and medical devices, with nearly1,000 R&D personnel, including 6 experts enjoying special allowances fromthe State Council.

It has undertaken more than100 national and provincial-level science and technology projects, won morethan 10 first and second prizes for national scientific and technologicalprogress, and won provincial-level science and technology awards. It hasestablished scientific research cooperation relations with Tsinghua University,Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology of China Academy of Sciences,Institute of Biomedical Engineering of China Academy of Medical Sciences,Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Modern Traditional ChineseMedicine Haihe Laboratory and other well-known R&D institutions.

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    Academician workstation/Nr

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    National enterprise technology center/Nr

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    Municipal -level enterprise key laboratory/Nr

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    Municipal enterprise technology center/Nr

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