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  • Mission of Business Workshop of Tianjin Pharma

    Shoulder the responsibility of reform as a driver for the development of Tianjin Pharma;
    Shoulder the responsibility of empowerment as a runner for the growth of employees.

  • Vision of Business Workshop of Tianjin Pharma

    Become a first-class business workshop with style,
    attitude and value in the industry.

Established on October 20, 2022, the BusinessWorkshop of Tianjin Pharma is a dynamic new organization to provide trainingfor the employees in the enterprise to achieve the development of core talents’leadership and the upgrading of professional competence in five fields. It hascreated the leadership development project of “Climbing to the Top” and theprofessional competence upgrading project of “Thousand-word Series”.

Relyingon the digital online learning platform of “Jinyao Cloud Class”, an interactivetraining mode of offline, online and practical training has been formed for thedevelopment of organization and talents.

Inaddition, a series of multi-brand projects have been implemented, such as thenew employee training camp of “Growth Together with Tianjin Pharma”, the seminarof “Tianjin Pharma Lecture” and the theme forum of “Finding the Way toHigh-quality Development”, which further expanded the coverage of empoweredpersonnel, created a strong learning atmosphere for the organization, andenhanced its vitality and internal drive. 

  • Leadership development project -- “Climbing to the Top”

    The focus is put on the “knowledge renewal
    plan” to explore an approach for improvement of leadership.
    With the concept of “climbing to the top” as its core,
    this project depicts such a talent cultivation form as climbing a mountain:
    You will steadily go ahead and bravely tramp over hill and dale before reaching the maintain top.

  • Professional competence upgrading project -- “Thousand-word Series”

    This project focuses on the five key aspects of “R&D, marketing, quality, production and function” to support the strategic development of Tianjin Pharma, meets the demand of organizational development for talents’ professional competence, aims at the key personnel, and takes the concept of “different competence for different posts” as the core, with the purpose of improving the core professional competence of professional and technical talents.