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Enterprise Talents

  • About Tianjin Pharma people

    Talent is the first capital and the most potential and magnifying resource of Tianjin Pharma. Tianjin Pharma adheres to an open and inclusive talent culture, employs people from all corners of the country, introduces, uses and develops people with the thinking of strategic investment, encourages talents to be self-driven and self-achieved, and realizes a win-win situation for the company and individuals.

  • About HR vision

    Tianjin Pharma will, by adhering to the tenet of “cultivating talents with career, uniting them with environment, motivating them with mechanism and retaining them with guarantee”, create a sustainable and innovative organizational culture and cultivate a team consisting of outstanding talents under reasonable structure.

Business School

Established on October 20, 2022, the Business Workshop of Tianjin Pharma is a dynamic new organization to provide training for the employees in the enterprise to achieve the development of core talents’ leadership and the upgrading of professional competence in five fields. It has created the leadership development project of “Climbing to the Top” and the professional competence upgrading project of “Thousand-word Series”.

Innovate and cooperate to jointly cope with global challenges.