12.08 2023

Tianjin Pharmaceutical Holdings Co., Ltd. won the title of "Model Tianjin-the most socially responsible enterprise" again

On December 7th, the award ceremony for the 13th "Model Tianjin-the Most Socially Responsible Enterprise" Selection Event 2023 was successfully held in Tianjin Media Grand Theatre, and Tianjin Pharmaceutical Holdings Co., Ltd. was once awarded "the most socially responsible enterprise" again.

The event was jointly organized by Tianjin Haihe Media Center and the Municipal Government Cooperation and Exchange Office, the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of Planning and Natural Resources, the Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, the Municipal Women's Federation, the Municipal Enterprise Federation and the Municipal Youth Federation. The theme of this activity is "Setting an example in the industry, striving for high-quality of products". Since the launch of the activity, 529 enterprises have entered the primary election, 107 enterprises have entered the re-election, and finally 61 award-winning enterprises have been selected. 

Through strict review and comprehensive evaluation by the joint jury, Tianjin Pharmaceutical Holdings Co., Ltd. stood out among 529 enterprises, and won the award "Most Socially Responsible Enterprise" with its subsidiaries, Tianjin Pharmaceutical Da Ren Tang Group Corporation Limited and Jinyao Yumeijing Group; Da Ren Tang, No.6 Chinese Medicine Plant, Long Shun Rong and Tianjin Da Ren Tang Jingwanhong Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd were awarded "Urban People's Livelihood Contribution Enterprises"; Le Ren Tang and Tianjin Pharmaceutical Research Institute won the title of "Responsible Innovation Enterprise".

As a large-scale pharmaceutical enterprise group with a relatively complete pharmaceutical industry chain in China, Tianjin Pharmaceutical Holdings Co., Ltd. actively integrates the concept and requirements of social responsibility into its corporate strategy, enterprise management and corporate culture, and promotes enterprise's development mode transformation, stimulate the enterprise's creative vitality, unite the development synergy and improve the development quality. In the core values of "Love, Integrity, Power", the enterprise mentions its sincere kindness to customers, meticulous care for employees, and the great love for society, which is an important embodiment of Tianjin Pharmaceutical Holdings Co., Ltd.'s caring for the country and people, actively undertaking social functions and deeply practicing social responsibilities.

Tianjin Pharmaceutical Holdings Co., Ltd. will continue to fulfill the "Ten Actions", especially the "Implementation of High-quality Development of Manufacturing Industry Action", closely focusing on people's health needs, provide life-cycle health solutions in a better manner, and strive to build the Group into a "market-driven, technology-empowered health industry leader" to protect people's health and quality of life and make greater contributions to human health.